Different services areas

ATE solutions & consultancy

ATE test engineering and software program devlopment for high volume production testing.

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Alternative energy & solar energy systems

Solar product development and delivery/installation of complete solar systems for home and office buildings.

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Hardware solutions & consultancy

Loadboard & probe card design (FPC) PCB design for various ATE systems and various product development projects.

A total package will be delivered with assembly and manufacturing.

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Quality management & Consultancy

We have experienced personel that can help with consulting and implementing a quality system based on ISO9001 into your company.

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The semiconductor market developments of IDM's and Fabbless companies, the alternative energy markets, the quality developments and financial investments are closely linked together and are always in motion.

An extra dimension to think about is that we have to change our environmental living space to give the next generation also the living space they need. Weweb has decided to do its utmost to make the global environment as green as possible by using technology to reach that goal.

Weweb the green company by using technology.

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Your company will have to work in this hectic environment and needs to have access to the latest market and technology information to be able to make the right decissions at the right time.

You need to select a partner in business that can help you in growing your own business.

Weweb can help you with taking the right decisions and selecting the correct technology and production solutions. We are able to guide you throught the world wide web of relevant information.

Weweb want to be your partner in:

  • Semiconductor test engineering and ATE solutions
  • Alternative energy developments
  • Solar energy system sales and consultancy
  • Hardware design and consultancy
  • Quality management and consultancy

For more information pleasecontact us.

Please also look at the market information in the MarketBlog page. It is showing how the market is working and what the problems are to be solved in the coming years.


Accredited EVI2004 installer (erkend installateur) with SEI (Stichting Erkenning installatiebdrijven)

registration number: 20087

Energy efficiency solutions

Solar energy solutions

Solarpanels, inverters, monitoring systems



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